What is a Diamond?

What is a Diamond?

Diamonds are naturally occurring precious gemstones that are composed of carbon atoms and are arranged in a crystal lattice structure. This structure is one of the features that gives diamonds their unique properties. With both aesthetic and industrial applications, due to their ability to conduct heat, their extreme hardness, brilliance, and rarity, diamonds are truly a unique wonder in our world.

What is the difference between Natural Diamonds and Lab Diamonds?

Both natural and lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties, and they are made of the same material: pure carbon in the shape of a crystal lattice structure. The main difference between these two diamonds is how they are formed.
Natural diamonds are formed over millions of years, under intense heat and pressure, deep within the mantle of the Earth. These diamonds are then brought to the Earth’s surface through volcanic activity.
Lab-grown diamonds, also known as cultured or synthetic diamonds, are created in labs using two primary methods: The Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method, and the High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) method.
In the CVD process, a diamond seed is placed in a sealed chamber filled with carbon-containing gasses, such as methane. The gasses ionize into plasma, and carbon atoms accumulate on the seed, gradually forming a diamond layer, until a few weeks later when it grows into a sizable diamond.
The HPHT method involves subjecting a carbon source, such as a diamond seed or a graphite material, to high temperatures and high pressures, (similar to those found in the Earth’s mantle). The carbon atoms then arrange themselves into a diamond crystal structure, and over the following several weeks, a diamond will grow on that seed.
Though the origins of lab-grown and natural diamonds are very different, both types of diamonds are extremely popular worldwide. Having been sought for centuries to be used in luxury accessories, fine jewelry, and especially in engagement rings, the natural diamonds’ popularity has long been established. Nowadays the lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity, as well, due to their relative affordability, compared to natural diamonds, and due to their ethical and environmental advantages.
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