What is a Carat?

What is a Carat?

A carat (ct) is the standardized unit of measurement used to express the weight of individual gemstones, such as precious stones like diamonds. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams (in weight). Carats are also referred to as points, since one carat is equal to 100 points. For example, a 0.50-carat diamond can also be referred to as a 50-point diamond.
It is important to remember that since the carat weight of a gemstone is distinct from its size or dimensions, two gemstones of the same weight can have different physical sizes.
The density of different gem materials can vary and the cut and shape of the gemstone can also affect its visual size and appearance. In addition to the carat weight, other factors like clarity, color, and cut quality influence the overall desirability and value of a gemstone, especially in the case of diamonds. When selecting a gemstone, it is essential to consider the combination of carat weight and other quality characteristics to find the perfect stone for your preferences and needs.

Does “Carat” sound familiar? Check out our previous blogs to learn more about “Karats”, which are used to measure the purity of the gold!

Carat” vs “Karat” – What’s The Difference?

Karats measures the purity of gold. Carats measure the weight of gemstones, like diamonds. Although “karat” and “carat” sound the same, their distinct meanings arose from usage within different fields and are considered a linguistic coincidence. Some consider the use of carat (in place of karat) acceptable to indicate the fineness of gold. However, at Vintage Jewelry Trade, we will only use karat for gold, and carat for gemstones.

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